Our Story

Patrick's Journey to Shelley

I grew up in Southern California. In high school my friends and I played guitars and sang on the weekends for people walking on the Huntington Beach pier. I think that's where my journey to her started. I was always hoping she would come by on a Friday or Saturday night and ask me to play a song for her. I've waited a long time. Our paths seem like they may have intersected a few times over the years. I was here when you were. You were there when I was. I moved to Spokane in 1990. Shelley's daughter, Oceana, was born that same year. I had a new life in a new place and had some things to figure out and learn. Shelley had some single parenting to do on the west side of the state. In 2007 our paths finally intersected. I was divorced and getting it all back together. Shelley's role as parent was changing. In August, she was hired at the same place I worked. We started dating on December 2, my birthday. I wasn't sure I was ready for something serious, and I don't think she was looking for love. But, we became best friends and our love took off. We worked together, camped together, skied together, traveled together, Zumba'd together, laughed together, and lived together. Now I can't imagine my life without Shelley. She's going to be mine forever!

Shelley's Journey to Patrick

Those who know me well know that I've sworn off marriage for the past 30 years in pursuits of fun, going to school, working, traveling, being a mom - did I mention fun? So, what's changed? Why would I possibly settle down at the age of 50? Basically, the perfect someone came along when I least expected it. Someone who makes me feel comfortable, beautiful, special, and who accepts me even when I'm at my worst. As a self-proclaimed optomist, environmentalist, soft-core anarchist, artist, feminist, and happy nomad going where life took me, this non-assuming guy came along who stole my heart with his child-like exterior and willingness to discuss the universe, politics, books, movies, the world, family, and me (of all things). We got to know each other by working together and spending time having fun and talking together. The fact that he could serenade me on camping trips and grew up loving the outdoors were, and still are, icing on the cake. My relationship with Patrick has made me grow to be more tolerant, less self-absorbed, and learn the fine art of patience. It has taught me to open myself to possibilies and never write things off. I too, can't imagine life without him and I wake up excited every day about the journeys that lie ahead.